November 19, 2018

Neuro Rehab Connection & Brain Performance Center

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We do more than help you reach your goals, We expand your vision of what is possible!

The BRAIN is here to seek it's own JOY. It wil be attracted to anything that Engages it, Intrigues it, Plays with it or Mirrors it! 

Neuro Rehab Connection is Temecula and Riverside County's Neurological Therapy Provider. Whether it is a Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury or Concussion, Spinal Cord Injury, Parkinson’s Disease or Multiple Sclerosis, Neuro Rehab Connection can guide you in creating realistic but aggressive goals to help you get your quality of life back!  In addition to traditional rehabilitation and therapy practices, we also specialize in PRE and POST Concussion testing as well as POST concussion treatment.  Additionally, we offer QEEG/Brain Mapping, Neurofeedback Therapy, and (561) 460-7685 These innovative treatment methods assist with ADHD, Learning  Disorders, Chronic Tension Headaches or Migraines, Anxiety, Stress Management and Improving Attention & Focus. We also have created a very (270) 342-7183 as well as BrainStrong Brain Camps that both utilize Neurofeedback therapy, Interactive Metronome brain rhythm training and brain coaching. We also offer 6 months interest FREE financing for our BrainStrong Programs!  No matter what area of brain improvement you are searching for, Neuro Rehab Connection can help!  You bring your brain, and Neuro Rehab Connection will take care of the rest!

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Watch below to see what neurological therapy looks like!



Through this innovative technology, we are able to take a look at what your brainwaves are actually doing.  This can make a profound difference in creating an accurate and individualized treatment plan for you.  Whether your brainwaves are overactive (stress, anxiety, PTSD, headaches) or underactive (brain injury, ADHD, depression), we can utilize this assessment as part of your treatment plan.  We are then able to train your brainwaves up or down depending on the goal to truly improve your quality of life. 


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Watch video below and see us at work with a stroke survivor!


Neuro Rehab Connection

Insurance and payment plans

We are in-network with Medicare, Tricare and UHC. In addition, we work with many PPO insurance plans.  We also understand that with healthcare today, sometimes affording the treatment you need, can be difficult, especially if you don't have insurance, are under-insured, or if your insurance plan doesn't cover the treatment you need. However, we know that getting you back to your life is important! We feel that no one should go without the treatment they need, so for or BrainStrong programs we also offer 6 months interest FREE financing!  This makes treatment more attaintable for everyone!